Cavanaugh Rules

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Bonus story: Cavanaugh Reunion (originally SRS #1623 09/10)
Cavanaugh Justice miniseries
Harlequin® Romanctic Suspense #1715
August 2012
ISBN-10: 0373277857
ISBN-13: 978-0373277858

On the heels of losing her fiancé, Kendra Cavelli doesn’t want another partner, especially not one as sinfully handsome as Detective Matt Abilene.

She has enough troubles with her family’s latest secret, which calls her whole identity into question.

Is she a Cavelli or a Cavanaugh? But she can’t ignore the man looking over her shoulder during a grizzly crime scene or how he makes her feel. As she and Matt work to solve a baffling homicide, Kendra learns the self-confessed loner is as commitment-wary as she. And these two wrongs make for a sizzling attraction that feels oh-so right.

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Includes Cavanaugh Reunion (originally published September 2010 in Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1623)
Ethan O’Brien is run over by a beautiful woman as she emerges from a burning building, children in tow. An arsonist is loose in Aurora, and Ethan plans on stopping him. But the beauty is no victim, oh no. She’s the very investigator assigned to work with Ethan on his arson case. And just his luck, standing near her makes him hot all over.

Kansas Beckett is determined to find the arsonist who’s been torching the city. And she sure doesn’t need the likes of Ethan O’Brien getting in the way. Something about the man spells “trouble.” But when he kisses her, her defenses melt, putting her in distinct danger of losing her heart....

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