A Bachelor and a Baby

A Bachelor and a Baby

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Silhouette Desire #1503
"The Mom Squad #2"
April 2003
ISBN 0373765037


When corporate dynamo Rick Masters returned to Bedford, he hadto see if old flame Joanna Prescott was still in town. No sooner did he reach her street than he saw Joanna's house going up in smoke. Rick rescued the pregnant beauty from near death, then helped bring her baby into the world.

Although she'd never stopped loving Rick, Joanna focused on finding a new home for herself and her baby girl. She couldn't resist the generous offer to live with Rick—as dangerous as it was to her heart...and her hormones. Soon, Joanna and Rick were again setting each other on fire in the bedroom. But had he truly forgiven her past mistake, and did he long, like her, for a shared future?

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