Plain Jane And The Playboy

Plain Jane And The Playboy

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Fortunes of Texas: Return to Red Rock continuity series
Silhouette Special Edition® #1946
January 2009
ISBN 0373654286
ISBN-13: 978-0373654284

Being swept into the arms of a tall, dark, gorgeous stranger at midnight only happened in fairy tales. Yet the rugged Texan who suddenly appeared at Jane Gilliam's side was real enough...and so was the soul-scorching kiss they shared as the bells chimed on New Year's Eve. Only Jorge Mendoza wasn't the happily-ever-after type. Or was he?

As the confirmed bachelor of the Mendoza clan, Jorge had a reputation to uphold. Until he tasted the sweet passion this far-from-plain Jane was offering. It started as an innocent dare. But was it blossoming into a love that was tempting the commitment-shy playboy to change his wandering ways forever?

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