Falling For The M.D.

Falling For The M.D.

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The Wilder Family #1 miniseries
Silhouette Special Edition® #1873
January 2008
ISBN 0373248733

After his father's death, successful doctor Peter Wilder faced off against a formidable enemy: a huge conglomerate vying to take over the small-town hospital his family had run for years. At least Peter knew he had every member of the board of directors on his side for the fight of his life.

Except for one.

Beautiful, brainy Bethany Holloway was on a mission to bring Walnut River into the future—with or without Peter Wilder. But to her surprise the heated arguments between her and the good doctor sparked an unmistakable fire of attraction. Would Bethany give Dr. Wilder a taste of bitter medicine—or take over his heart?

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