The Prodigal M.D. Returns

The Prodigal M.D. Returns

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The Alaskans miniseries
Silhouette Special Edition® #1775
August 2006
ISBN 0373247753

It's not going to stay cold up here in Alaska for too much longer...not with sizzling hot doctor Ben Kerrigan back in town. The best-looking man the town of Hades has ever seen isn't just toiling in the town's only medical clinic; I hear he's also doing good—in more ways than one—with gorgeous girl-next-door Heather Kendall.

You don't remember Heather? No wonder. She hasn't been seen with anyone but her two daughters since the accident that left her a widow.

But I think that's about to change. The sparks that are flying around here could melt any heart in Hades...even that elusive Ben's!

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