Her Special Charm

Her Special Charm

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"The Cameo" miniseries
Silhouette Special Edition #1726
December 2005
ISBN 0373247265

When Detective James Munro discovered a cameo necklace on a New York City street, he hoped only to return the keepsake to its rightful owner. He certainly didn't expect that owner to be so adorable and perfect for him. Indeed, Southern belle Constance Beaulieu was beautiful and as set on showing her gratitude as James was on running away from romance....

Constance was amazed when the necklace she thought lost forever mysteriously resurfaced—all thanks to the gruff, strangely compelling lawman who returned it. Her family legend told of the cameo's power to bring true love to its wearer...and Constance hoped the charm would work its magic on this detective of her dreams.

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