She's Having A Baby

She's Having A Baby

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Silhouette Special Edition® #1713
"The Cameo" miniseries
October 2005
ISBN 0373247133

When the vivacious MacKenzie Ryan met her dour new neighbor, it was hardly love at first sight. Not only was the self-contained research scientist gruff and rude, but MacKenzie was also grappling with a heartbreak that had shattered her heart—and left her pregnant. Even so, there was something about Dr. Quade Preston that just wouldn't let MacKenzie stay away.

After his wife died, Quade swore he'd never feel pain like that again. But try as he might, Quade couldn't escape the mile-a-minute force of nature that lived next door. When he learned she was expecting, could he still welcome MacKenzie into his life...and into his heart?

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